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At Ahoy! On-Call, our Mission is to Improve Patient Experience and Staff Engagement leading to an Elevated Culture. Transforming the On-Demand model of shifts and call from a mandatory burden to a welcomed Choice that improves staff Morale while ultimately lessening Burnout. With Ahoy! On-Call, easily coordinate Equitable payments and timely Rating scales with Faster arrival times to bedside. Additionally, Ahoy! On-Call enables you to track Quality Accountability Indicator Metrics that put Patients in the fast lane to receive Excellent Care by staff and consultants who Chose to be present.

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On-Call Rotation Management

With Ahoy! On-Call, your entire eligible Nurses/Medical staff are immediately alerted and given the Choice to Opt-In for requested shifts and consults.

Nursing-Medical Staff Ratings

Nurses/Medical staff that Opt-In to Open Assignments in Ahoy! On-Call pickup shifts/consults that are tracked with Patient and Peer Ratings.

Dynamic Availability

Alert Nursing staff and Medical consultants with On-Demand need/surge coverage paired with experience rating scale, cost effective tactics.

Metric Tracking

Track Key Performance Indicators (KPI) related to Assignment engagement, time to completion, and near real-time patient/peer satisfaction ratings.

Workforce Flexibility

Ahoy! On-Call makes it easy to engage your workforce in ways that make sense thru the Open Assignment feature and mobile app Opt-In functionality.

Ease of Payment

Opted-In staff Selected through Ahoy! On-Call are paid through your company’s payroll.* Ahoy! On-Call logs the Check-In of Assignments Completed for both ease of staff and health system records.

*Inquire to have the option for Ahoy! On-Call to feed into your company’s existing payroll platform.

Meet the Ahoy! On-Call Team Specialists

Who We are

john M.
Davidyock, MD

CEO & Co-Founder
Managing Partner

Chief Medical Officer
Vice President BayCare Health Winter Haven Hospital / Women's & Bartow Regional

Finkler, MD

CEO & Co-Founder

Chief Clinical Officer SVP Acute Clinical Services
AdventHealth Central Florida



20 years Information Technology Security
Global Technology Management, Information, and Cyber Risk Expertise



Over 15 years Financial Experience
10 years Mergers & Acquisitions Recently at Drake Star Partners

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